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Dinner comes first for Japan's 'Rocky' mum
Updated: 2009-04-17 00:20

Dinner comes first for Japan's 'Rocky' mum
Forty-six-year-old Japanese female boxer Kazumi Izaki (L) spars with former WBA superfly boxing champion Satoshi Iida at a boxing-gym in Tokyo April 11, 2009. [Agencies] 

"I've broken my nose in three places and broken a bone under my eye socket once," she smiled. "All in sparring against men. It doesn't hurt all that much. Injuries are part of boxing.

"Boxing is the ultimate test. It's about pure body strength. Your have no weapons or tools. When you get into the ring it's just you. You have to have supreme faith in yourself."

If Izaki beats the red tape and Torres, she will surpass Foreman, who was 45 when he regained the world heavyweight crown in 1994.

Izaki, who lists Puerto Rican world welterweight champion Miguel Cotto as her favourite boxer, has no plans to quit before possibly out-doing Foreman.

"I don't think about my age," she insisted. "Once the gong rings all I can hear is my trainer -- and my kids yelling 'Go on, mum!' As long as my body works I'll carry on."