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Tightrope walker going for another record

( Updated: 2010-04-14 12:24

Tightrope walker going for another record
Adil Hoshur, master Uyghur aerial tightrope walker, performs stunts 60 meters above the ground at Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest), on April 13, 2010. Starting May 3, China's top tightrope walker will spend 60 days on the tightrope and rest in a makeshift aerial cabin. He will perform five hours a day with acrobats, including tightrope dancing, walking blindfolded, sleeping, running, going upside down and standing on one foot. He says the extreme slope tightrope walking at the stadium will challenge the 2002 Guinness record he set in the outskirts of Beijing, a 25- day acrobatic show on a tightrope. [Photo/Xinhua]

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