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Yangtze water diverted to drought-stricken zone

(Xinhua) Updated: 2011-05-19 14:29

Yangtze water diverted to drought-stricken zone
Workers are seen by a suction pump in Shishou, Hubei province, May 18, 2011. Shishou city launched a project on May 4, together with neighboring Huarong county, Hunan province, to ease water shortages by drawing supplies from the Yangtze River into the Huarong River, which runs across the border of Hubei and Hunan provinces. The two Central China's provinces are in severe drought,and close to 300,000 people living by the Huarong River are short of water. Huarong county has begun rationing water supply to its residents. [Photo/Xinhua] 

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