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Hand in hand for 83 years

( Updated: 2011-09-26 10:29

Hand in hand for 83 years

101-year-old Zheng Xuechu (L) and his wife, 102-year-old Zhang Yaqin, show their ID cards in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, on Sept 21, 2011. Zheng and Zhang, who got married in 1928, are in good health and take care of each other well. According to them, daily walking and planting vegetables helps to maintain their health. Zheng likes reading newspapers, and every day he shares the news with his wife. To aid blood circulation, they have a daily massage. They are proud of their 83-year-long marriage. "I had read from newspaper that the longest marriage of 80 years was recorded in Guinness World Records. Now we have an 83-year-long marriage," said Zheng. [Photo/CFP]

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