'Biggest' amateur soccer games kicks off in Brazil

Updated: 2011-09-26 14:35


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'Biggest' amateur soccer games kicks off in Brazil
Players of Boca Junior do Aleixo pray before a "Peladao Verde" championship match against Central Park in Manaus Sept 25, 2011. According to organizers, the Peladao is the biggest amateur soccer championship in the world with about 761 teams competing at the levels of master, children, women, indigenous and the main category "Peladao Verde". The main category also combines a pageant aspect as participating teams are required to present a beauty queen who will compete for the title of Peladao 2011 Queen. The beauty pageant winner will receive prizes and be involved in social work, and her team, with the other 4 finalists' teams, will earn the right to return to the competition if it was already eliminated. [Photo/Agencies]

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