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Couple works together at launch center

( Updated: 2012-06-14 17:06

Couple works together at launch center
A couple works together at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China's Gansu province, June 11, 2012. Jia Lide, left, is responsible for the overall work of the ground-based equipment. Jia, 31, got his doctorate in mechanical engineering in 2008 and came to work at the Jiuquan center later that year. Li Ting, Jia's wife, received her doctorate in 2009, and worked at the spacecraft department. Jia and Li got married in 2006, and gave birth to a girl in 2009. Although they have little time with their daughter, Qiqi, they are unwilling to send her away from the launch center. They believe that Qiqi will grow up with a good heart in the pure and quiet environment that they enjoy at the launch center. [Photo/Xinhua]

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