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Bye-bye autumn

By Michael Franklin (China Daily) Updated: 2012-11-04 09:24

Bye-bye autumn

Longqing Gorge is located at Gucheng village in Beijing's northwest Yanqing district. In ancient times, it was known as Nine Twists of Gucheng, with water from surrounding mountains pooling in to the Gucheng reservoir. [Photo by Michael Franklin]

Bye-bye autumn

The mouth of the dragon escalator lies at the base of the dam at Longqing Gorge. [Photo by Michael Franklin]

Autumn has been described as the most beautiful season in Beijing. The hues, deriving from the city's unique plant life and climate, are undoubtedly lovely to behold. There are some popular spots in the capital to visit during the colorful season such as Fragrant Hills Park - which boasts the best red maples in Beijing, Badaling and Mutianyu Great Wall. As winter approaches, for those who would like to catch the last colors of nature, do so before the leaves wither in a week or two. One place to visit is Longqing Gorge, located to the north of the Badaling Great Wall. Michael Franklin takes you on a visual tour.

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