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Photo special: Hard training of female SWAT

( Updated: 2014-05-27 14:48

Shooting practices while lying down, standing, crawling forward under the scorching sun to approach the target, a three-kilometer cross-country race… These scenes are not from some police movies but part of real life of a female SWAT team in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan province. Here are some images that reveal the life and training of two SWAT members - Jiang Panpan and Zhang Li.


Photo special: Hard training of female SWAT
Jiang Panpan practices hand-to-hand combat at the training center. Jiang, born in October 1986, was recruited in the first brigade of Chengdu SWAT team in 2012. She is known as a sharpshooter and is especially quick in shifting between rifles and pistols for best mark.[Photo/CFP] 

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