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PV Forum opens in Jinzhou
By Wu Yong and Liu ce (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-04-01 11:50

The two-day International photovoltaic industry forum opened in Jinzhou, a coastal city of Liaoning province, on March 30. Hundreds of experts, scientists and entrepreneurs from the photovoltaic industry gathered to talk about opportunities and challenges of the industry during the global financial crisis.

The PV industry, which refers to environmentally-friendly solar energy power, will lead the development of new energy in the future, according to Zhao Yuwen, director of the PV department of China renewable energy association.

“The PV sector in Jinzhou has taken shape after a few years’ development. We have a complete industry chain including polycrystalline, monocrystalline silicon, solar panels and components, and other auxiliary products like silica pot and so on,” said Jinzhou mayor Wang Wenquan.

Jinzhou now has 16 PV enterprises, with an output of 3 billion yuan last year, far more than the 500 million yuan achieved in 2005. “By 2015, output will reach 100 billion yuan and Jinzhou will be the biggest PV production base in the nation,” said Wang ambitiously.

Event sponsors include Liaoning provincial government, Jinzhou municipal government and China renewable energy association.

China Daily Liaoning Bureau