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Reading rooms improve the lives of Henan's rural children

By Fang Sha ( Updated: 2014-10-13 09:09

The city of Ruzhou, Henan province is working with local bookstores on a reading activity for children in rural areas to improve rural education through a number of reading events and activities to engage the children, especially during the winter and summer vacations.

These are a combined effort of primary and middle schools, and county and village culture centers, with help from Ruzhou's publications, radio, film and TV bureau, and educational bureau in publicity campaigns to get attention and public support. There are also posters and ads for the activity on many campuses.

The organizers say they feel that it is only through an extended effort that such cultural event can really have an effect and improve children's reading habits, so it must be maintained in the future. They are also working to improve reading room management and develop a classification and lending system.

They are also looking at distance learning facilities for rural areas and broadcasts of some culture programs to arouse children's interest in reading more broadly, with children's natural habits, their curiosity and thinking patterns taken into account in designing the programs.

Some essay writing activities are planned for later to better engage participating children, with literature teachers from schools around Ruzhou being asked to provide guidance in submitting literary compositions and, so far, 56 works have been submitted. The best essays will get an award after they are evaluated.

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