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Datong public lecture series continues

By Fang Sha ( Updated: 2014-10-15 10:12

The Datong Pingcheng Lecture Room will be bringing in audiences with more splendid offerings in October, in the city of Datong, Shanxi province, for example, one by Han Fu, on Oct 12, which continues with last month's topic, classical Chinese literary works on morality, as seen by early Datong scholars.

The Lecture Room is a special cultural event that provides educational talks that range from culture and history to tourism to military affairs, which gets its name from the historical name of Datong city, Pingcheng, capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 386-534).

Another covers the tile and decorative styles of Northern Wei Dynasty architecture, with Shan Ping, assistant chief editor of Shanxi Heritage Buildings, magazine speaking on the value and cultural meaning of the architecture.

For last month's lecture, Han introduced traditional Chinese philosophy and moral theories, with people of all ages gaining a great deal of understanding from it, so Han will be sharing more of his thoughts on the classics in the next lecture.

Meanwhile, Shan has been examining the relics of the Northern Wei, in Datong in detail, for example the remaining bricks and tiles, and has published articles on this field and will give his interpretation of the objects from various angles.

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