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Harbin e-commerce banishes waste to reduce poverty

Updated: 2016-09-20 16:02

Jintaohui has launched a campaign to reduce poverty in Heilongjiang's Binxian county by connecting local farmers to a powerful e-commerce platform.

The scheme encourages rural farmers to open online stores and expand their sales channels. Crucially, this will increase sales on a range of harvested goods including millet, beans, and honey.

In the past products not sold locally rotted to waste. This program is further facilitated by Jintaohui's logistics system that is capable of handling transport and delivery.

The Harbin company, based out of Hadong Industrial Park, has established 13 e-commerce centers in Binxian county. These centers teach locals everything they need to know about using the platform from contacting clients to photographing products.

In addition, professional educators will visit the area on a weekly basis to provide further training in new technologies and e-commerce selling. It is hoped these efforts will raise 600 local families out of poverty by the end of 2017.

The head of Hadong Industrial Park has praised the program and believes it will help expose rural communities to invaluable modern technology, provide job opportunities, and boost sales.

Connected to the initiative was the Aug 28 opening of an e-commerce store in the town of Shengli, Binxian county. The shop offers local consumers a range of quality products available at wholesale prices.

Located in Hadong Industrial Park, Jintaohui E-commerce Company is an e-commerce platform combining deep processing and logistics. It has developed an innovative model that aims to revolutionize the way in which consumers shop.

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