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Cyber security conference to open in XHTZ | Updated: 2019-11-21 15:49

The 2019 "Huashan Swords" Cyber Security Conference will take place in Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ) on Nov 23, with a theme of "Security: new momentum to drive digital economy development."

Hosted by the Xi'an municipal people's government, the conference is organized by the Xi'an big data resource management bureau, the management committee of XHTZ, and Hangzhou DBAPPSecurity.

Cyber security conference to open in XHTZ

The 2019 "Huashan Swords" Cyber Security Conference is expected to be held in XHTZ on Nov 23. [Photo provided to]

Representatives of the cyber security field, as well as well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad have been invited to share the latest news on cyber security and discuss new ideas for cyber security development.

As an important activity of Xi'an's "three conferences and one festival" strategy, the conference will include discussions on how security technology will enable the integration of industry and informationization in the digital age, accelerating the development of the cyber security industry and promoting Xi'an's efforts to build a national cyber security demonstration base.

Focusing on the topics of big data security, industrial internet security, and talent empowerment, the event will provide technical and information support for smart cities, big data, and the industrial internet.

The conference will also include XHTZ, Hangzhou DBAPPSecurity, and Beijing Zhongzhi Anhua technology Co's joint participation in the construction of the Belt and Road Cyber Security Training Center.

Xi'an's "three conferences and one festival” strategy is an important measure for the city to focus on the construction of a national central city, encompassing the 2019 Global Venture Capital Summit, the 2019 Xi'an Global Key & Core Technology Conference, the 2019 "Huashan Swords" Cyber Security Conference, and the Third Global Programmers’ Festival.