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Green building materials developers get Beijing HQ

Updated : 2016-04-20

China Green Building Materials Industry Development Alliance signed a contract with the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area(BDA) to announce the alliance's establishment in Beijing, on April 8, as a joint approach to a national green building materials development site in the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area, which is known as E-Town.

The alliance is expected to be a source of information with an e-commercial promotion center to help companies in the field show their products and discuss advanced technology, production, and management. It is also expected to work with Internet companies in E-Town to establish a top inspection and certification area for green building materials with help from Chinese institutes.

E-Town will also get a green building materials standards institute, test center and related labs to assist development of related companies. The agreement calls for E-Town to assist the alliance in establishing a foundation for green building materials development and for the alliance to use its technology to help E-town deal with construction waste.