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Li Na smiles back 'collapse' talking

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-09-09 04:27

BEIJING -- China's tennis star Li Na said Saturday that she was not angry with the blames of officials.

"I don't think my temper has anthing to do with my education. I'm not angry with such talks. There is a Chinese old saying that rumors stop before the wise," Li said at the conference of her autobiography - Play Alone.

China's tennis chief Sun Jinfang blamed Li's failure at the US Open third round on a lack of mental strength.

"We have seen for a long time that Li Na can suddenly collapse. Why is this? Because athletes like her have not received a good education," Sun said in a televised interview Tuesday.

Hundreds of fans crowded at the Wangfujing Book Store for autographes of Li on the newly published book. Li said in her autobiography that she wants to be a sports reporter after retirement.

"I'm not worried about being misunderstood. I just say what I want to say, " Li said.

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