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Playing it by the book

By Hu Yongqi (China Daily) Updated: 2012-09-11 08:00

From this semester, China's golf students will be able to purchase textbooks for the first time after years of using photocopied material and ragged textbooks, handed down through the years.

Zhao Wei, associate professor of golf at Hebei Institute of Physical Education, is one of the academics responsible for writing and editing a new range of textbooks, specifically designed for Chinese students. Zhao was delighted to receive three new golf books from the publisher on Sept 9, as their arrival signaled the first homegrown success in writing and editing books on the subject.

Since 2010, 20 teachers from the institute, including Zhao, have helped to write the books, along with 10 teachers from seven other colleges. The People's Sports Publishing House of China in Beijing published the books, destined for use at all 14 sports colleges nationwide. The books cover the whole gamut of golf: the objectives, the rules, new technology and the management of clubs.

Previously, colleges had to translate overseas publications or students relied on personal notes compiled by their lecturers. Unfortunately, the material included a number of errors that could have seriously impeded students' progress if adhered to.

The new books are more accurate: "We compiled notes about our practical experiences on the course and other places, and included references garnered from golf manuals published in the United States, Australia and Europe. So now lecturers have accurate teaching aids and students can use our books to learn the rules when they apply for a professional refereeing certificate. In that sense, it's a huge achievement," said Zhao.

Staff at Hebei Institute of Physical Education plan to write and publish five golf textbooks during the next three years, plus seven more by 2017.

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