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National Games ticket price lowered to attract audience

Xinhua | Updated: 2013-07-10 16:15

SHENYANG, China - Ticket prices for China's National Games in Shenyang will stick to its low rate, in order to encourage the participation of the mass audience. About 85 percent of the ticket will be sold in less than 100 yuan (about $16), the organizing committee said recently.

The ticket center said the ticket price of the National Games will reduce to ranging from 500 yuan to 10 yuan, which is a significantly fall, comparing the price range from 1000 yuan to 20 yuan that previously planed.

"This means more low-income earners could have the opportunity to enjoy high level sports competitions," said an official at the organizing committee of the 12th National Games, which will take place from Aug 31 to Sept 12 in northeast China's Liaoning province.

According to the announcement, the committee will also arrang 500,000 free match tickets as rewards for civilized audience and those who made special contribution to the city, including model workers, retired veterans and those contributes to the security and transportation of the Games.

The official suggests travelers and residents can make reservations for game tickets by phone or internet, and the booking service will be available 24-hours.

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