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FIFA recommends November-December for World Cup in Qatar

(Agencies) Updated: 2015-02-24 17:33

DOHA, Qatar - A FIFA task force has recommended playing the 2022 World Cup in November-December to avoid the summer heat in Qatar.

FIFA says the task force chose the option over other proposals to play in January or May. FIFA also says the tournament should be shorter than the current 32-day schedule.

The plan must be approved by the FIFA executive committee, chaired by President Sepp Blatter, at a March 19-20 meeting in Zurich.

Blatter has long favored November-December to avoid clashing with the Winter Olympics, scheduled for February 2022.

European clubs and leagues oppose FIFA's proposal, which shuts them down for several weeks in midseason.

FIFA chose Qatar as host in December 2010, when the gas-rich emirate had bid to host the tournament in the traditional June-July slot.


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