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Chinese runners grow appetite for marathons

Xinhuanet | Updated: 2016-11-22 09:18

With a relatively low entry barrier, running is the most accessible, cheapest and easily organized sport for the mushrooming middle class Chinese who are after body fitness.

“People don't need to buy a lot of facilities or equipment. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and short sportswear, and you can hit the road, young or old alike,” Huang said.

Running or jogging is the least expensive way to exercise. People can jog in the park or the street and an annual marathon event in the city can well encourage the public, especially the youth, to stick to their jogging habit and test their progress in the race, Huang added.

The growing number of marathons nationwide is also due to the country's economic development and local officials’ enthusiasm to promote their city image.

The host cities use the race as a platform to demonstrate the city's image and promote tourism. In most cases, marathon routes are planned to showcase the most important scenery, monuments and landscapes in the city especially when the race is live televised by the national broadcaster.

But amid the rapid growth, many marathon races in China are less than satisfying. Taking the Beijing International Marathon for instance, the lack of drinking water stations and toilets once caused inconvenience and embarrassment for participants who did something unwanted such as peeing on the city walls.

Moreover, the marathons in China should further consider the runners' needs and provide them with a place for celebrations after finishing the epic journey.


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