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Brazil court frees Ireland's Mallon arrested in Rio Olympic ticket scam

2016-08-29 09:48

A Brazilian court said on Saturday it has authorized the release of Ireland's Kevin James Mallon, a director of international sports hospitality company THG who was arrested on Aug 5 for the alleged illegal scalping of Olympic tickets.

Olympic pole vault champion Da Silva receives 1kg gold bar as reward

2016-08-26 11:08

Brazil's Olympic pole vault champion Thiago Braz da Silva on Thursday received a 1kg gold bar from his former club as a reward for his triumph at the Rio Games.

Ticket scam probe widens

2016-08-25 08:07

Brazilian police on Tuesday said they had uncovered emails between detained International Olympic Committee member Patrick Hickey and the head of a ticketing company that discussed the illegal sale of tickets to the Rio Games.

Ethiopia says will welcome Rio marathon runner despite protest gesture

2016-08-23 10:14

Ethiopia will not bar runner Feyisa Lilesa from entering the country after he made an anti-government gesture upon finishing second in the Olympic marathon on Sunday, an official said.

Anthony's exit is one for the ages

2016-08-23 07:41

On the podium wearing his third Olympic gold medal, Anthony, who led an inexperienced Team USA from the moment it first gathered weeks ago in Las Vegas, pointed toward one end of Carioca Arena, to the spot where the US flag was about to rise.

Embattled coach calling for calm after Rio storm

2016-08-23 07:41

China's failure to defend three of its badminton titles at the Rio Games was a shock for a nation accustomed to dominating the Olympic courts, but head coach Li Yongbo called for calm amid the storm of criticism.

Hits and flops

2016-08-23 07:41


Stray dog finishes marathon ahead of runner

2016-08-23 07:41

Amid celebrations for the end of the Rio Olympics, few spared a thought for Jordan's Methkal Abu Drais, who finished the marathon behind a Japanese comedian, a stray dog and an Argentine running sideways.

Female stars move into main spotlight

2016-08-23 07:41

From the dizzying heights of US gymnast Simone Biles to Indian wrestler Sakshi Malik and Brazilian golden girl Rafaela Silva in judo - Rio proved a groundbreaking Games for women.

'Polish grandpa' in love with Chinese women's volleyball team

2016-08-22 16:06

Sitting among the cheering fans of the Chinese women's volleyball team in Rio de Janeiro, a Polish fan Jozef grabbed a lot of attention.

Driving golf 's popularity

2016-08-22 07:45

Feng Shanshan's bronze medal in women's golf might get lost in the golden shuffle of China's haul in Rio, but it's probably enough to boost the game's profile in the world's most populous nation.

Lee copes with painful triple bypass

2016-08-22 07:45

Long-frustrated Malaysian Lee Chong Wei's victory over Chinese nemesis Lin Dan in the badminton semifinals was supposed to pave the way for a golden swan song and secure a desperate nation its first ever Olympic title.

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