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Travel Special: Kung fu fans need not leave the capital to get their kicks

By Hao Nan | China Daily | Updated: 2013-09-08 07:35

Travel Special: Kung fu fans need not leave the capital to get their kicks

Participants of Planet Travel's previous kung fu tour receive martial arts training at Beijing Sport University.

For people in Beijing who are interested in kung fu but prefer to stay in the city to learn, Planet Travel now has a plan.

During the coming National Day holiday, the travel agency will unveil its special kung fu tour, which allows participants to experience the charm of authentic Chinese martial arts like tai chi without having to leave Beijing.

Unlike the Shaolin Temple tour - another attraction the agency is offering during the holiday - the Beijing campaign will be more about leisure and fun.

Visitors will learn some basic movements of tai chi under the guidance of a world kung fu champion as well as the related etiquette and knowledge.

Visitors will also take a guided tour of the Qinglong Gorge scenic spot and the Great Wall, where they can do tai chi surrounded by green mountains and beautiful rivers to feel the unity of heaven and earth, as is highlighted in Chinese traditional culture.

With the help of Planet Travel and the most prestigious Chinese Martial Arts School, visitors can have an opportunity to view training classes of students in the school and have face-to-face interactions with them.

Moreover, kids are also welcomed to join in this tourist group to learn martial arts.


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