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Gongbiela Nature Reserve exemplifies ecology protection

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-10-09 11:31 Comments

Gongbiela Nature Reserve exemplifies ecology protection

This photo taken on October 8, 2016, shows the autumn scenery of Wuhua Mountain in Gongbiela Nature Reserve, Heilongjiang province.[Photo by Qiu Qilong/Aisanewsphoto]

Gongbiela Nature Reserve is located southwest of Heihe city, Heilongjiang province. Periglacial Landforms and the humid climate have provided the environmental basis for the development of various kinds of marshes. The wetland ecological condition is ideal for a diversity of plant and animal species to inhabit. Here you can find all the varieties of swamp vegetation, which are typical in mountainous areas of North China. There are 8 wildlife species living here that are under first-grade state protection. As the most northerly nature reserve which integrates wetlands as well as many plant and wildlife species, Gongbiela Nature Reserve is a textbook example of environment protection.

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