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Trending across China on Nov 27

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A woman in East China is 10 million yuan richer after getting engaged, and citizens in Fengtai remember bridge cleaner after his tragic death. Also, should students get free abortions?
Street conflicts 

Trending across China on Nov 27

Not one bystander offered a helping hand after an older man fell to the ground about 7 am on Monday in Jinhua city of East China's Zhejiang province.

In another case, on June 15, a woman surnamed Jiang from Dazhou of Sichuan province fell in the street while holding the hand of a 9-year-old boy. The boy's father, Jiang Zhiyun, said his son was helping the woman, but the woman said the boy and two other children knocked her down.


Tumbling granny fined for extorting young helpers

Cash incentive

Trending across China on Nov 27

A wealthy man nicknamed "Tuhao" by Chinese netizens offered 10.8 million yuan ($1.77 million) in cash to his fiancee.

The man, from Dongyang city of East China's Zhejiang province, loaded the cash into nine Rolls-Royce limousines, Shanghai Morning Post reported.


Tuhao debate sparks calls for good citizenship

Bridge accident

Trending across China on Nov 27

Many people placed flowers on a bridge in Fengtai district of Beijing on Tuesday for a cleaner who died while working on the bridge.

Dou Zhen, 87, fell from the bridge while working on Monday. The man had been cleaning the bridge for 11 years, Beijing Times reported.

Free abortions

A deputy to the Beijing People's Congress proposed that students should get free abortions, China National Radio reported.

Wei Aimin, who is also a lawyer, said he learned that many girls are getting abortions at small clinics because of the lack of money, which can pose a great threat to their health.


Abortion: Chinese youth short on safe sex awareness

Unspoken shame

Tencent feud

Trending across China on Nov 27

The general manager of a ticket-booking website claimed that his mother was threatened by three workers from Tencent posing as policemen.

Li Lei said on his micro blog that Tencent, China's biggest Internet company by user numbers, was getting back at him after he publicly criticized the Internet giant for blocking his website. Tencent had not responded to his accusation as of Wednesday morning.


Police bust gang for SMS fraud

Murder suspect

Trending across China on Nov 27

Police have detained a college student suspected of murdering a female student from Wuhan University in Central China's Hubei province.

The suspect, surnamed Li, from Puyang city of Central China's Henan province, admitted to police that he had killed the woman on Nov 13 and dragged her body to the grass under a bridge, People's Daily reported.


Confused neighbor mistaken for thief

11 years for fraud

Trending across China on Nov 27

A former micro-blogger who has more than a million followers received an 11-year sentence for fraud.

Yu Jinyong, 50, general manager of an investment consulting company in Beijing, was found guilty of cheating worth 522,000 yuan, the Haidian district court ruled on Tuesday.


Family members found guilty for infant's death

Verdict expected

Trending across China on Nov 27

The court is scheduled to issue a verdict in the rape case involving Li Tianyi, the son of a military singer.

Li, detained on Feb 21, is charged with participating in a gang rape with four other men while intoxicated. Li appealed after he was sentenced 10 years in the first trial. Li pleaded not guilty during his second trial last week.


Singers' son sentenced to 10 years for rape

Gang rape case victim forgives defendants


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