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Money turns into ash

( Updated: 2015-03-05 12:01

In today's trending, a wife accidentally burns 100,000 yuan when boiling water, college students get creative as they vie for study space in university libraries, an angry woman pours noodles over a woman feeding her boyfriend, and a man lies about living in a cave.


Money reduced to ashes

A couple from Central China's Hunan province burned 100,000 yuan ($15,948) in cash hidden in a cooking stove in their kitchen, Hunan TV reported.

Wang Bin, a labor contractor, from Shaoshan, Hunan province, contracted a tiling project last year. He borrowed the money from relatives and friends and prepared to pay workers after the Spring Festival.

The couple put the cash into a plastic knitting bag and hid it in the stove, as they thought it would be very safe. However, Wang's wife forgot about it and burned the money to ashes when she boiled water.

There can be no exchange when less half of a banknote is damaged, according to the People's Bank of China.

Before the bank industry took off in China, Chinese used to put their money in every conceivable corner of their house, including socks, shoes, pillows and walls, to hide them from thieves.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of bank branches all over the country, even e-banks, with large number of customers, but there are still some who prefer to keep their money in their home.

Money turns into ash

Only the ashes remain. [Photo from People's Daily Sina Weibo]

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