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Egypt's military ruler to form advisory body

Xinhua | Updated: 2011-12-09 10:09

CAIRO - Egypt's ruling supreme military council chief Hussein Tantawi issued a decision on Thursday to form an advisory council to provide suggestions about state affairs, state media reported.

The consultative council is assigned to help the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in terms of the country's affairs and help collect public opinion on the formation of a committee to draw up a new constitution, official MENA news agency said.

The council has 30 members, including Amr Moussa, former Arab League (AL) chief and potential presidential candidate, and some leaders of major parties such as the Wafd and Nour.

The council's work includes discussion of national laws and international agreements, but will end this task after the completion of the parliamentary elections. All tasks of the council will be terminated after a new president is elected.

The SCAF took over power in February after the fall of ex- president Hosni Mubarak amid 18 days of protests against his 30- year rule.

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