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Dozens of people protest Obama's visit in Tokyo

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-04-23 22:02

TOKYO - Dozens of citizens congregated near the Japanese Prime Minister's Official Residence on Wednesday evening, protesting the visit by US President Barack Obama and summit meeting between the two countries' leaders scheduled on Thursday.

Demonstrators gathered to voice their anger at some sensitive issues, such as Yasukuni Shrine visits, government's attempts to reinterpret the constitution, lift a ban on exercising collective self defense and set up new bases in Okinawa.

Dozens of people protest Obama's visit in Tokyo
Japan becomes liability of US in Asia-Pacific

"Shinzo Abe is risky fascist," "Anti-war, Anti-capitalism," "Osprey out!" "Down with Yasukuni," read some slogans.

The organizers pointed out in a statement that Japan and the US use "China threat," a fabricated excuse to expand military power, saying if they decide to enhance the integration between US army and Japan's Self Defense Forces (SDF) during the summit talk, the peace and stability of Asia as well as the whole world will be undermined.

"A series of remarks and actions by Abe government acted as unstable factors of East Asia area, while the prime minister still hopes to lift the ban on exercising collective self defense, strengthen Okinawa's function as military base. This is ridiculous, " Mr Shinko told Xinhua.

Mrs. Nomura, who opposes to set up new US base in Nago city's Henoko district, in the north of Okinawa Prefecture, said Okinawa shouldn't be developed as military base once again.

"All the US army and SDF bases in the region should be moved away," she told Xinhua.

Obama has arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday evening, starting a three-day visit for the country. He will stay here through Friday and will hold a summit with Abe on April 24. The trip will also bring Obama to South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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