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China strongly supports Kenya combating criminal activities in all forms

China Daily | Updated: 2014-12-11 17:09

After more than 70 Chinese were arrested last week in Nairobi on suspicion of committing cross-border telecom fraud, the Chinese embassy in the Kenyan capital said China strongly supports Kenya in combating illegal and criminal activities.

"The Chinese government and people wish to reiterate their support to the Kenyan government to ensure that the criminals are brought to justice," embassy spokesperson Mao Yizong said in a statement on Dec 11.

All told, 77 Asians were arrested last week in Nairobi, including one holder of a Thailand passport, while the other suspects were from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. They are currently being tried in a Nairobi court.

Kenyan police found a large stash of unregistered telecom equipment in a Nairobi house last week while investigating a fire that killed one Chinese national. The discovery led to the arrest of the 77 suspects.

The Chinese embassy said that based on consular visits, many of the suspects are not well-educated and that many do not speak English. This may indicate that the suspects were unable to carry out the cyber crimes, which include hacking into computers. The embassy added that they may have been tasked to simply read a script over the phone to defraud victims in China.

Mao said the Chinese suspects likely belong to a cross-border telecom fraud group, reiterating that the case is an isolated one and will not harm cooperation between China and Kenya.

"Our two countries enjoy robust bilateral relations and mutual trust that cannot be changed or sabotaged by a single incident. The Chinese community in Kenya strictly complies with the local laws and regulations in their daily lives and … actively under-takes their social responsibilities.

"The embassy and the Chinese community in Kenya will strive to maintain the friendship and brotherhood between Chinese and Kenyans," he said. "Over the last few years, trade, investment and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries have increased exponentially on an equal and mutually beneficial basis. … Cooperation will carry on normally in all areas, including the Mombasa-Nairobi SGR (standard gauge railway) and many other projects that will benefit the Kenya people and contribute to Kenya’s social and economic development."

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