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Freestyle skiing, game for adrenalin junkies

Updated: 2015-03-17 10:19 Comments

Freestyle skiing, game for adrenalin junkies

Freestyle skier Loic Collomb-Patton makes his way off a huge drop on the mighty Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland. [Photo/IC]

This group of freestyle skiers appear to have no problem keeping their cool after they were snapped performing an array of death defying stunts and tricks. Skiing down a near vertical cliff face, the daring athletes risked life in an attempt to win one of the world's most prestigious skiing events, The Skiers Cup. In one image, esteemed skier, Seth Morrison, 42, appeared to fly through the air after pulling off a whopping 30ft long back flip making it the biggest and longest jump of the competition. Captured on the face of the mighty Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland, the adrenalin junkies managed to hit speeds of over 60mph in conditions below 18 degrees, meaning one slip could result in devastating consequences. 

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