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Chinese company initiates sanitation campaign in Luanda

Xinhua | Updated: 2016-05-15 20:06

LUANDA -- Citic Construction, one of the largest construction companies operating in Angola, has launched a massive weekend sanitation campaign at Kilamba Kiaxi, the largest satellite town to Luanda in collaboration with the local government.

Starting from Saturday, over 600 Chinese volunteers from Citic joined over 10,000 local residents to clean the main streets, weed out wild grass, and remove dustbins from Kilamba Kiaxi as part of the country's sanitation efforts to reduce breeding grounds for mosquitoes which transmit most of the epidemic diseases in the African country, including malaria and yellow fever.

Mayor of Kilamba Kiaxi Joaquim Israel thanked Citic and its volunteers for their efforts of cleaning his town, which is now home to over 100,000 people.

Liu Guigen, General Manager of Citic Construction's African section, said his colleague working in Angola were ready to join hands with local residents to keep Kilamba Kiaxi clean and tidy.

Currently there are over 770 high-rise buildings at Kilamba Kiaxi, which was built by Citic with an investment of 3.35 billion dollars from the Angolan government.

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