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Xi's whirlwind diplomacy sweeps China to center stage

[2016-01-29 03:56]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent visit to the Middle East has put final touches on the country's new diplomatic push and is leading the world's second largest economy back to the world's central stage.

Chinese president's Mideast visit backs Palestinian cause

[2016-01-24 23:37]

A recent visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Middle East is so important for the Palestinian cause and will boost the historical ties between the Arab nations and China.

Chinese wisdom for Middle East problems

[2016-01-24 22:21]

The Chinese vision for the Middle East unveiled by President Xi Jinping in his three-nation tour offers a fresh approach to the conflict-torn region's thorny issues by highlighting dialogue and development as the core solution.

Chinese president back home after visits to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran

[2016-01-24 09:28]

Chinese President Xi Jinping returned to Beijing early Sunday morning after his state visits to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

Xi concludes Middle East trip with promoted ties, cooperation

[2016-01-24 08:56]

President Xi Jinping tried to promote enhanced dialogue as a means of resolving differences in the Middle East, and unveiled new aid programs.

Belt & Road Initiative shores up China-Mideast cooperation

[2016-01-23 22:15]

The Belt and Road Initiative is conducive to promoting connectivity and expanding trade cooperation between China and Middle East countries, experts have said.

China, Middle East set to unleash enormous cooperation potential

[2016-01-23 22:15]

With the further dovetailing of development strategies of China and the Middle East, enormous cooperation potential will be unleashed, thanks to Chinese President Xi Jinping's ongoing trip.

Cartoon Commentary on President Xi's Middle East visit ④: Guiding China and Arab revival

[2016-01-23 22:14]

On Jan 21, accompanied by the Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Arabya and Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismai, President Xi Jinping had delivered a keynote address at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo entitled, "Work together for a bright future of China-Arab relations."

China offers alternative approach to Mideast predicament

[2016-01-23 17:02]

China's proposal for the Middle East, which was put forward by President Xi Jinping in his speech at the headquarters of the Arab League on Thursday, offers an alternative approach and heralds a potentially brighter future for the region.

China's industrial proposal for Middle East unprecedented: expert

[2016-01-23 06:08]

China's forthcoming industrial investment strategy in the Arab region, outlined by President Xi Jinping when addressing the Arab League in Cairo on Thursday, is an unprecedented economic proposal ever made by a foreign nation in this particular region, experts said.

Chinese president's Middle East tour inaugurates 'community of common destiny': Sudanese analysts

[2016-01-23 04:25]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's ongoing Middle East tour inaugurates a new phase in Sino-Arab ties featuring "community of common destiny," Sudanese political analysts said Friday.

Xi pledges industrial boost for Middle East

[2016-01-23 02:50]

President Xi Jinping stressed the need to "advance industrialization in the Middle East", in a speech to the Arab League at its headquarters in Cairo.

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