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Ambassador Cui speaks at CGCC annual gala

China Daily | Updated: 2017-01-14 16:24

​On Jan 12 China's Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai attended the China General Chamber of Commerce - USA (CGCC) 2017 Annual Gala Dinner in New York City and delivered remarks. ​

While many people are concerned about the uncertainties in the world, Cui quoted President Xi Jinping's new year remarks: "we should stay true to our mission and continue to forge ahead". Ambassador Cui said: many people are deeply worried about the chaotic situation in many parts of the world. Some begin to question things that have been taken for granted so far. Some even lost the sense of direction of the future.

But the Chinese people have kept a clear sight of our goal - the Chinese dream and the two centenary goals. In order to reach these goals, Chinese people have worked hard for decades and made significant achievements. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty. With healthy, steady and rapid economic growth, China has become the second largest economy in the world.

Stronger ties have been built between China and other countries, especially the United States. ​Cui pointed out that despite China's steady progress on many fronts, there are tremendous tasks ahead - restructuring economy for sustainable development, the fight against corruption and pollution, developing friendly and mutually beneficial relations with other countries, etc.

To complete the task of building a relatively prosperous society in all aspects in the next few years, China will carry out more comprehensive reform measures, implement and establish better rule of law, and enforce more strict discipline over the conduct of the members of CPC. ​

Cui highlighted the importance of China-US relations in realizing these goals. Ambassador Cui said, in order to accomplish these tremendous tasks, China needs a stable, peaceful, and supportive international environment. For that international environment, the key is the relationship with the US.

Since the establishment of diploimatic tie between China and the US, great progress has been made. Now, we look forward to even closer cooperation and communication with the new administration in a few days time. The road ahead will have obstacles but China is determined to overcome difficulties and develop a stronger, more stable and more productive relationship with the US.

This serves the fundamental interests of both countries and peoples, and certainly the world at large. This is a shared responsibility of China and the US to the global community. The Chinese side is firmly committed to that goal and will continue to make efforts. The American side is expected to do the same. China looks forward to building a new type of relationship with the US, featuring non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation.

It is hoped that everyone will make constructive contribution toward that end. Cui suggested that some people should be more careful and act in a more responsible way when they try to talk about possible disputes in other people's waters. Having won the friendship of one foreign country should be encouraged for wining more friendship from all countries.

Cui said, a few months ago, when the computer AlphaGo defeated the world champions, many people worried that artificial intelligence might take over the future.

He believes that the future will not be lost to artificial intelligence, but to the lack of vision for community of shared interests and the absence of political will and determination to move forward toward our goal.

He is confident that China and the US and the two great peoples will have the vision, wisdom, determination and capability to work towards the respective development goals. He hopes that all friends from the two countries will continue to play important role in promoting China-US relations. In the gala dinner, CGCC awarded Cui "Goodwill Ambassador for China-US Exchange".

Over 500 people from government, business communities and think tanks of the two countries attended the event, including Honorary Chairman of CGCC Tung Chee Hua, Chinese Consul General Zhang Qiyue, former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger, former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, Chairman of the Blackstone Group Stephen Schwarzman, and Chairman of CGCC Xu Chen.

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