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Love for Bao Bao on zoo's Facebook page

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-02-17 13:14

Lee Lorenz: Bye Bye Bao Bao – have a wonderful life, hope you find a good mate, and produce lots of babies.

Heather Heckel: Thank you for letting us watch you grow up, for being an adorable "precious treasure", for giving us hope that we can protect endangered species, for bringing Chinese and American people closer together, and for reminding us that "people take care of what they love".

Laura Emerson: Dear Bao Bao, I'll miss you a lot, but I know you'll make lots of new human and panda friends in China. When you find that special guy panda, please have babies when you can, so that the world will always have pandas in it. Love, your friend.

Danielle Feldman Blum: Bye Bye,Bao Bao. I remember the day you were born. I remember the first time you climbed a tree. You couldn't get down and everyone watching you on the panda cam started emailing the zoo. I will always remember your adorable personality. Safe travels to China. I wish you much happiness, beautiful girl.

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