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Looking ahead

China Daily UK | Updated: 2017-02-23 19:10

Events and stories coming up in the next few days

RSC gets to grips with classic Chinese drama

Snow in Midsummer, a contemporary reimagining of an ancient and well-known Chinese drama, is being staged at the Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon between Feb 23 and March 25. The play, presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company, stars Katie Leung, who played Cho Chang in the Harry Potter films. She plays the part of a widow accused of a murder she did not commit who promises to return and haunt her tormentors.

Woodcut prints show the work of artist Wang Bing

Oxford's Sinolink Gallery is housing Distant Shambhala-Woodcut Prints by Wang Bing on Thursday. Wang Bing, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, is one of the leaders in contemporary Chinese printmaking. The gallery is on St Clement's Street.

Expo to focus on children's products and services

The 2017 Baby Expo in Spring and Child Growth Education Show will open in Hong Kong on Friday. The three-day event will showcase the latest children's products and services. It will also feature playgrounds for children.

Health expert chewing over benefits of China's TCM

Health food expert Peter Deadman will talk about traditional Chinese medicine and philosophies around wellbeing at a seminar on Thursday. Deadman is an entrepreneur who cofounded a health food company and is the author of books on traditional Chinese medicine. He will talk about research into TCM, a subject he has studied for 45 years, and the benefits of being close to nature. The session is set for Field House, Lewes. Road, Brighton.

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