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Thousands gather in Paris to mourn Chinese man killed by police

Xinhua | Updated: 2017-04-03 13:51

PARIS - Thousands people from Chinese community gathered in Paris on Sunday to mourn the death of Liu Shaoyao, a Chinese national who was shot dead a week ago by a policeman at his home in the French capital.

With white roses in hands, the participants gathered Sunday afternoon in the landmark Place de la Republique, holding placards reading "Justice, Truth, Dignity" in protest of police violence, according to witnesses.

Two daughters of the killed Liu also appeared among the protesters and expressed their thanks to all who are concerned about their family after the death of their father.

"We believe that the law will give us a truth and will result in a fair decision," they said.

The death of Liu Shaoyao is a tragedy shared by both Chinese and French citizens, said the president of the Association of Chinese residing in France Ren Limin at the rally.

The French authorities must conduct the fastest judicial inquiry and publish the truth to everyone, said Ren, adding that certain French media that spread rumors unfavorable to Sino-French friendship must apologize publicly, and the Chinese community in Paris will help Liu's family to seek state compensation.

Guan Jian, minister of the Chinese Embassy in France, expressed his condolences to Liu's family Sunday before the rally. According to him, the Chinese Embassy in France will facilitate administrative procedures to encourage the visit to France of other family members of Liu from China. Chinese diplomacy will also maintain contacts with the French ministers concerned, and continues to call on France to conduct a prompt and fair inquiry.

Similar mourning rally was also held in southern French city of Marseille on Sunday.

The shooting incident has aroused angry of Chinese community, which has staged several demonstrations against police violence in Paris.

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