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Ian Brady, one of Britain's most notorious murderers, dies in prison

By Chris Peterson n London | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-05-16 22:27

Ian Brady, who with his girlfriend Myra Hindley became Britain's most notorious child killers, died in a psychiatric hospitalon Monday.

Brady,79, was serving life sentences for his part in killing five children in the 1960s.

In a case which grabbed Britain's attention, Brady and Hindley, dubbed the Moors Murderers, kidnapped and killed five children, tape recording their last moments.Hindley died aged 60 in 2002.

Both were jailed for life only months after Britain abolished the death penalty. They were initially found guilty of three murders but later confessed to a further two.

The trial judge described them as "killers of the utmost depravity"when he sentenced them.

They buried their victims on remote moorland near Manchester. Brady, who was later declared criminally insane, refused to disclose the whereabouts of the grave of the fifth victim, 12-year-old Keith Bennett.

The other four were discovered after an extensive police search.

Relatives of one victim, Lesley Anne Downey, tweeted: "We as a family have had the best news ever. Brady, the Devil's disciple, is dead. May he rot in hell.”

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