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Sudanese, Chinese doctors reflect human face of medical profession

Xinhua | Updated: 2017-06-08 14:24
ABU USHAR, Sudan - At Abu Ushar hospital in Sudan, also known as Sudan-China Friendship Hospital, Sudanese and Chinese doctors are reflecting the human face of the medical profession as they provide services for poor patients in the area.

With the increase of health symptoms in Ramadan Month due to change in food habits and meal times, Abu Ushar hospital represents a refuge for thousands of patients in the area of Abu Ushar city.

Abu Ushar hospital lies in Gezira State in central Sudan, some 110 km southeast of Sudanese capital Khartoum.

Abu Ushar, one of the oldest rural hospitals in Sudan, was established in 1929 and then gained great momentum after it was chosen to be the headquarters for the Chinese medical mission that first came to Sudan in 1974.

"This hospital gained its reputation from presence of the Chinese medical mission which provides excellent medical services for the citizens of the area," Mohamdain Hussein, Chairman of Board of Directors of Abu Usher hospital, told Xinhua.

Abu Ushar hospital is regarded as one of the best health utilities that developed its infrastructures and improved the quality of the services.

"This hospital serves a great number of citizens, and the Chinese mission is working with high efficiency. The hospital receives around 5,000 cases monthly," Al-Sadiq Ahmed Mohamed Babikir, Financial and Administrative Director of Abu usher hospital, told Xinhua.

Since the arrival of the Chinese medical mission in Abu Ushar, it has remained under warm welcome and gained respect of people of the entire Gezira state. The relationship was not only a relationship between doctors and patients, but extended to the broader context of human relations.

"Last year I came to work here at Abu Ushar hospital. I now work in this hospital continuously to provide treatment for thousands of simple patients," Xie Yanhua, a female Chinese Dentist at Abu Ushar Hospital, told Xinhua.

Meanwhile, Cao Wei, a Chinese internal medicine physician, for her part, told Xinhua that "I love Sudan. I love Abu Ushar city and I love all the people in this city. I have many friends here. I think the friendship between the Chinese and Sudanese people is deeply-rooted."

Seham Abdalla Hashim, a Sudanese doctor at Abu Ushar Hospital, meanwhile, said that "we work together as one medical team. There are no differences. We are one family. We perform our human duty with simple and poor patients. Thanks for China."

Great number of citizens from Gezira State and neighboring states rush to Abu Ushar hospital due to its good reputation and its success in conducting complicated surgeries, such as cartilage, besides that the fist open heart surgery in Sudan was conducted for a Sudanese female student at Abu Ushar hospital in 1978.

Rashid Ahmed Mustafa, a patient at Abu Ushar hospital, said that "this hospital has become a center of attraction for thousands of patients who come from far cities, even from eastern Sudan, to receive free treatment and even conduct complicated surgeries at nominal cost."

As preparations are underway to inaugurate an additional building for Abu Ushar hospital in June, the hospital administration hope to overcome some issues including a paved road linking between the hospital and Abu Ushar city.

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