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China increases US treasuries holding in May

Xinhua | Updated: 2017-07-19 06:38

WASHINGTON -- China increased its holding of US Treasury securities for the fourth consecutive month in May, the latest data from the US Treasury Department showed on Tuesday.

China added its treasuries holding by 10 billion US dollars in May, with the total holding up to 1.1022 trillion dollars.

China's foreign exchange reserves rose for the fifth month in a row in June, indicating easing capital flight pressure, according to data from the country's central bank, the People's Bank of China.

China's foreign exchange regulator, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, attributed the rise of forex reserves in June to stable cross-border capital flow and the relative appreciation of non-US dollar assets.

Japan, which overtakes China as the largest holder of US treasuries last October, raised its holding by 4.4 billion dollars to 1.1113 trillion dollars in May.

By the end of May, overall foreign holdings of US Treasury securities rose to 6.1236 trillion dollars from April's 6.0737 trillion dollars.

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