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Body found in missing Chinese teacher case in Japan

cri.cn | Updated: 2017-08-28 09:49

A body believed to be that of a missing Chinese teacher, Wei Qiujie, has been found in Hokkaido in Japan, according to local TV reports.

Body found in missing Chinese teacher case in Japan

Security footage shows Wei Qiujie at a hotel in Sapporo.[Photo: youth.cn] 

Local fishermen say they found the body of a young woman by the sea. She was wearing white clothes and had long hair, and bore a similarity to the missing Chinese teacher, said Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting.

Further investigations are underway by the Japanese police.

27-year-old Wei Qiujie, who worked at an elementary school in Fujian Province, had been traveling alone in Japan. She went missing from a Sapporo hotel on July 23. A hunt for the teacher has been underway ever since.

Her family feared that she had been kidnapped and was being held hostage.

A handwritten letter had been found in her hotel room addressed to her parents saying goodbye and telling them that she wanted to start a new life. However her friends had reportedly said that she had shown no signs of wanting to do such a thing.

There have been a number of recent cases where Chinese women have been targeted abroad. In early July, two Chinese sisters were found dead in a forest in Kanagawa, southwest Japan, after being reported missing.

The sisters also came from Fujian province. In that case, the local police have arrested a Japanese man in his thirties on suspicion of killing the two women.

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