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China confirms India's pull back from Donglang

By Zhang Yunbi | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-08-28 16:04

India, following its intrusion into China's Donglang area, has removed all its personnel and facilities back to its side of the China-India border, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday.

This has been confirmed by the Chinese at the site on Monday afternoon, the spokeswoman told a daily news conference in Beijing.

China will continue fulfilling its territorial rights and interests and safeguarding its territorial sovereignty in accordance with border treaties and agreements concerned, Hua said.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to developing neighborly and friendly relations with India, Hua said.

China expects India to honor historical treaties and agreements as well as the basic principles of international law, she added.

It is hoped India will work with China to ensure peace and tranquility in the border area on the basis of mutual respect for each other's territorial sovereignty, and to promote the healthy development of bilateral relations, Hua said.

On June 18, Indian troops illegally trespassed into the Sikkim section of the China-India border and intruded into the Donglang area.

The Chinese lodged representations to India via diplomatic channels multiple times and has publicized the facts and truth of the situation to the international community to clarify Beijing's solemn position and its demands that India remove its personnel and facilities there, Hua noted.

In the meantime, the Chinese military has taken effective countermeasures to safeguard national sovereignty and legal rights, Hua added.

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