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Most wildfire in US Los Angeles areas under control

Xinhua | Updated: 2017-09-08 08:50

LOS ANGELES - The largest wildfire in the history of Los Angeles in western U.S. state of California sees an end in sight after 90 percent of the fire was contained, authorities said Thursday.

Firefighters continue to make progress on the blaze and remain on alert for small fires that continue to break out in some areas, a captain with the Los Angeles Fire Department was quoted as saying by Los Angeles Times.

"Erratic weather and dry brush that has not burned in 70 years all equaled explosive fire behavior from the La Tuna canyon fire," the captain said.

The fast-moving wildfire has torn through La Tuna Canyon near Burbank, Los Angeles County in California, since Friday, prompting emergency proclamations by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Jerry Brown. The wildfire has burned 7,194 acres of land in total.

Weather change including cooler temperatures and rain has helped firefighters in the battle against the ongoing wildfire since Sunday.

At the peak of the wildfire, there were 1,061 firefighters on the scene. The number of firefighters continued to drop as they gained the upper hand of the battle against the wildfire.

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