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Chinese female peacekeeper wins UN award in S. Sudan

By Xu He | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-10-16 14:23

Chinese female peacekeeper wins UN award in S. Sudan

Zhang Qin trains for combat. [Photo/Western China City Daily]

When she was a new recruit, shooting was a big challenge for her. She was required to adjust shooting distance and ballistic trajectory in terms of the target location instantly, and change the shooting posture in accordance with different topography.

To aim precisely, she always appeared first on the training ground and practiced aiming at one target for hours with a helmet or kettle hanging at the rifle.

"I thought she was a little girl and would change her mind as she grew up, but she has surprised me by persisting with her dream," Zhang Qin's father said.

Zhang applied for deployment in South Sudan in Aug, 2016.

"Many places are unstable in the world, and someone has to stand up to help,” Zhang Qin said to her parents.

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