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Is it safe in China? Foreigners have their say

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-03-13 17:09

Safety, safety, safety. It is always the first word that comes to one's mind before making travel plans abroad. While some may be wondering how safe it is in China, entering the question on the popular American question-and-answer platform Quora may offer soothing solutions.

The answers that popped out on Quora cover a wide range of aspects in terms of social order, crime rates, safety for women and gun control.

"Undoubtedly, China is the safest country I have ever lived in. As a foreigner in China, you will encounter many friendly situations with strangers. It is very easy to meet new people, including expats and locals. China is very safe and I highly recommend visiting or living here. There are many factors as to why China is so safe, and I encourage you to come experience it for yourself", said Matthew Bell, a 27-year-old African-American.

Matthew's answer has been viewed 31,600 times and was liked by 644 people.

He further explains by comparing gun violence between China and US.

"In America, part of the gun violence stems from police, and causes high stress in many communities, while in China, it is much more peaceful, and the police will rarely approach you, if at all (and they don't carry guns)."

Matthew said in America, he would rarely walk around at night in a major city, unless it was a popular area or just walking to his car. While in China, he has explored many areas in major cities late at night, and never ran into any trouble.

"The culture in China is very social at night; many people will eat BBQ on the street and continue the night with friends. If you think New York never sleeps, China REALLY never sleeps," Matthew added.

Matthew's view was echoed by Ervis Micukaj, an expat living in China ever since September 2013.

"I can walk around after midnight in any eastern city (the places I have been mostly) and know that nothing will happen to me," Ervis said. "I have been in China for four years (mostly in Shanghai and travelled to other cities), but I have never lost anything due to thieves or have never felt threatened by locals."

Devansh Gupta, an expert working at Unilever, said he has never felt safer - except when in Singapore - during his three-year stay in Shanghai.

"No matter what time of the day it is, your personal safety is never at risk unless you are jaywalking. You still can get scammed but that can happen anywhere. Other than that you are as safe as you can be anywhere on the planet," said Devansh.

Devansh added that it is super safe for women in general. "I have seen drunk women hailing cabs at 4 am and safely going home. This is how a society should be. Women should not be required to take extra precautions. Any country that can ensure that, is safe."

Christina Camelia, a female traveler who has travelled around China on her own in the past few years, said China is a fascinating place that shouldn't be missed.

"I would honestly say I felt safer in China than in my own city (London). China is like anywhere though, just remember to trust your instincts and also keep your wits about you, should you visit somewhere that you're not familiar with," Christina said.

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