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Chinese modernization pursues China’s peaceful development

By Hujjatullah Zia | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-12-21 16:47

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing. [Photo/IC]

The Communist Party of China is seeking to push the Chinese nation towards modernization in all fronts. This includes social, political and economic issues as the report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China states: “Chinese modernization is the modernization of a huge population, of common prosperity for all, of material and cultural-ethical advancement, of harmony between humanity and nature and of peaceful development”.

The modernization theory is aptly enshrined in the Belt and Road Initiative, which will pave the ground for regional and global development in the economic sector and step up cultural exchanges between nations. That is, the BRI is designed to bring the world closer, connect the nations and contribute to the global economy. In addition to boosting economic development, social, cultural and financial interactions will lead to bilateral and multilateral understandings, smoothing the path for peaceful coexistence and prosperous life. Opening a global trade route will contribute to poverty alleviation in the rest of the world and facilitate other nations to engage further in business. So, it means that China is sharing its economic development with the world, adding to the cake of global development.

Domestically, all ethnic groups will enjoy the fruit of this modernization and rejuvenation of the nation, which will build China into a great modern socialist country. It is self-explanatory that the entire nation throughout China has so far reaped the benefits of China’s economic development and all facilities the government could provide.

Internationally, it is a win-win strategy as both China and the rest of the world will be the beneficiaries of Chinese modernization in terms of economic and cultural progress. It is believed that the nature of business and supply-and-demand is of mutual benefit since it will meet the needs of both sides. Meanwhile, global trade also carries nonphysical values with itself, which will lead to enriching the culture of nations. With this in mind, this modernization is indeed “of material and cultural-ethical advancement”.

This should be noted that, in the modern world, economic exchanges are a gesture of friendly interaction. It means shaking the hands of each other with good intention, sharing advantages and trying to meet the demands of your friends. On the contrary, if a country is seeking to show its discontent or punish a nation, it begins with economic boycott. As far as I am concerned, China has constantly reiterated opening up to the world and stepping up economic and cultural exchanges. Hence, friendly intention is deeply embedded in trades and China has always tried to convey its good intentions with all nations around the world through economic give-and-take.

To connect the dots, the Belt and Road Initiative will facilitate economic exchanges for a large number of nations around the world, and these economic exchanges will cement friendly ties and enrich cultural values and, finally, common prosperity will emerge. All these remain closely connected with China’s modernization drive.

It is believed that the modernization drive marks the second step to pursue the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the idea put forward years back. Based on this idea, all Chinese youths have to work hard and dream big so as to contribute to the revitalization of the Chinese nation. The second centenary goal, which carries modernization with all its vast definition and aspects, will be realized by hard work, strong loyalty to the nation and individual and collective support.

China’s fast development and its jaw-dropping achievement in poverty alleviation fill the sphere with a strong sense of hope that China, led by the CPC, will successfully achieve the second centenary goal. As the largest nation and second largest economy, China now enjoys strong self-confidence and the CPC has the widespread public trust in the wake of proving its promises and walking firmly on the path of development and modernization.

The author is a political analyst and senior writer with Daily Outlook Afghanistan. The views don't necessarily reflect those of China Daily.

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