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NPC deputy suggests municipal bonds to boost urbanization 2013-03-17
/a> Zhou Xuedong, president of the Nanjing branch of the People's Bank of China suggests China allow municipal governments to issue bonds.

More private capital needed at urbanization's disposal 2013-03-17
/a> Wang Heshan, a NPC deputy and vice governor of Ningxia Hui autonomous region, talks about how to fully use local rescources, engage more private capital, and lure talents to build an inland economic pilot zone as part of Ningxia's urbanization drive.

Get systems ready to ease urbanization throes 2013-03-17
/a> China Daily reporter Song Jingli sat down with Wang Heshan, a NPC deputy and vice governor of Ningxia Hui autonomous region, to share with us the characteristics of the urbanization drive in Ningxia and what "a good urbanizaiton model" would be like. More>>

Wuzhong to develop Halal industry 2013-03-15
/a> Bai Shangcheng, mayor of the city of Wuzhong, Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region talks on how to develop the Halal industry.

Zhongwei shares charms of deserts 2013-03-14
/a> Xu Liqun, mayor of Zhongwei,Ningxia Hui autonomous region shares his views on how the city develops its sand tourism.

Shizuishan, a coal city to transform 2013-03-14
/a> Wang Yongyao, mayor of the city of Shizuishan in Ningxia Hui autonomous region explains how to transform.

Dawning: 'City clouds' save resources 2013-03-12
/a> Li Jun, president of Dawning Information Industry Co, said the company's cloud-computing solutions designed for municipal governments can better allocate resources but have not yet gained enough recognition.

Reform of financial power distribution highly necessary 2013-03-11
Dr Tang Liming, a senior research fellow with Anbound Group, talks about the unique characteristics in China's urbanization, top-level mechanism, the definition of "population urbanization" and migrant worker's welfare during the process of urbanization. More>>

Li Daokui on urbanization in China 2013-03-08
/a> Chinese economist Li Daokui shares his views on China's urbanization at the sideline of the ongoing Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Li is the Director of the Center for China in the World Economy at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management and is the Mansfield Freeman Professor of Economics.

Zong Guoying talks about Dongjiang Free-Trade Zone construction 2013-03-08
/a> Zong Guoying, vice-mayor of Tianjin municipality, head of Binhai New District, and delegate to this year's National People's Congress, talks about construction of Dongjiang Free-Trade Zone in the eastern part of the city's Binhai New Area on March 2, 2013.

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More private capital needed at urbanization's disposal
Ningxia needs to engage as many private capital owners in urbanization as possible.

Li Daokui on urbanization in China
Those companies that can provide good services to housholds can gain development opportunities during urbanization.

Insurance to push urbanization drive
"People in urban and rural regions don't have equal access to basic public services. These problems will hinder China's urbanization process."

Western nations' urbanization model not for China
Chinese expert Li Yining takes questions from Nanfang Daily and comments on the country's urbanization drive.

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