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CSIC to build world's largest surveillance ship

By WANG YING in Shanghai ( Updated: 2014-01-21 17:32
China Shipbuilding Industry Corp has signed a contract to build a 10,000-metric ton marine surveillance ship, which will surpass Japan's 7,175-ton patrol boat to become the world's largest one of its kind.

A research institute affiliated with CSIC received 280 million yuan ($46 million) of public service ship orders in 2013, including the 10,000-ton surveillance ship, according to the company's website. The contract is also the first CSIC has received from the non-military sector.

Currently, a 4,000-ton surveillance vessel is the nation's largest public service ship, and is equipped with the most advanced facilities and art-of-the-state technology.

The new 10,000-ton vessel will greatly improve China's maritime forces and lift its coast guard fleet's ability to protect the country's maritime rights. The coast guard fleet consists of more than 8,400 people and is in possession of eight surveillance planes and more than 200 vessels.

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