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Apps make it easier to hire taxis

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Editor's Note: Getting a taxi in a metropolitan can often be quite challenging. Standing on the sidewalk in the cold winter night, waving your hand in vain, not knowing when or if you will get one. But no more. Thanks to the new taxi hailing apps, calling a taxi has become as easy as pushing a button.

All's 'fare' in battle of taxi-booking apps

The wrestling match for market share between Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and rival Tencent Holdings Ltd never seems to end.

The two Chinese Internet giants started off the new year sparring over the taxi-booking sector. >>>

Taxi-hailing apps hot in biting cold

While sweeping snow has added to mounting difficulties of hiring taxis in cities across China, cab-hailing apps are helping ease the pressure for passengers who are stranded on roads.

In Nanchang many people used cab-hailing applications to hire cars, as available taxis were hard to find after snow jammed the city. >>>

How does it work?

Apps make it easier to hire taxis

Growing rivary

Apps make it easier to hire taxis

Battle between taxi app Didi and Kuaidi

The two Chinese taxi booking mobile apps for smartphones have been heating up their battle backed by internet giants Tencent and Alipay.

Didi, indicates the beep of a car, is working with Tencent's WeChat, while Kuaidi, meaning to find a taxi swiftly, has joined hands with Alipay as payment methods.

They are now both applying financial means to attract users and drivers: They will give promotion fees to taxi drivers for each deal made, and also save 10 yuan for each taxi passenger, when a customer take a taxi through the app and paid the fare through the mobile payment method.

Didi requires the customers connect their bank cards with WeChat account and then 10 yuan will be deducted directly from the fare, and the taxi drivers will get another 10 yuan. WeChat is a mobile comprehensive service platform by Internet giant Tencent offering communication, shopping, payment, and game, etc. >>>

The competitors

Apps make it easier to hire taxis

YaoYao Taxi

Developed by Beijing Juhezhongxin Information Technology Co Ltd, YaoYao Taxi relies on its comprehensive rating and guarantee system to avoid breaching appointment. It has also formed a strategic partnership with official government taxi-hailing service 96106.

Apps make it easier to hire taxis

KuaiDi Taxi

Developed Hangzhou Kuaizhi Technology Co Ltd, the app's name literally means fast taxi hailing. It is not only one of the first taxi-hailing apps on smartphones but also the first taxi app to support payment by Alipay, the online payment platform developed by Alibaba Group. In December 2013, KuaiDi Taxi covered more than 40 cities, securing one of the top ranks in the industry.

Apps make it easier to hire taxis

DiDi Taxi

DiDi Taxi, which was developed by Beijing Orange Technology Co Ltd and launched on September 9, 2012, is already being used by more than 3,000 taxi drivers to find customers in Beijing alone. At its primary market Beijing, the app has 85 percent answering rate, with 90 percent at off-peak hours.

Apps make it easier to hire taxis


Internet giant Tencent also joined the club, adding taxi hailing function to its popular online messaging app WeChat. It has a user base of 400 million.

Driving the view


Li Wenli, Taxi driver in Beijing

I use DiDi Taxi. It can reimburse 10 yuan each to the driver and the client through WeChat payment platform, but you have to install and use DiDi Taxi software to call a cab. It does help if your fare wants to go to outside the 5th ring road as fares are fewer outside the 5th ring road. We can use the app to avoid running without fare, but at rush hours there is no need for them because people are lining up on the sidewalk. The auto-positioning function of the app is very convenient. It can tell me where the fare is, where they want to go and it also gives me an approximate distance.


Lin Shubo, Taxi driver in Beijing

I used to use the apps before but not anymore. Many drivers are using them, but I am not interested. I do not like the idea that I have to answer on the app before taking on a fare. Some drivers focus on the app and cause accidents. I would rather keep my eyes on the road and take fare the old fashion way. I know they are doing a promotion that reimburses 10 yuan - and some drivers are using the apps just for that reason.