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Student entrepreneurs in Anhui

Updated: 2014-12-17 13:31 (

Several students from Anqing Normal University in East China's Anhui province are seeking their fortune by starting business at the university.

Most of these young entrepreneurs are still students, but part of them has already graduated. Girls mostly engage in sectors like fashion designing, flower business and photographs and the guys usually choose catering, hospitality and other sectors.


Three students Jia Zhoulin, Gong Tian and Yang He started their hotel business in October 2013. They are in their senior year at the university.

Now they have have opened three branches in East China's Anhui province, and the monthly income of the three hotels reaches more than 30,000 yuan ($4,847).

Student entrepreneurs in Anhui

Jia Zhoulin, left, Gong Tian, second from left, and Yang He, third from left, at one of their hotels in Anqing city, East China's Anhui province, Dec 5, 2014. [Photo/IC]

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