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New rule stresses online platforms' responsibility in food safety

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-09-30 09:06

BEIJING - New rules requiring China's e-commerce platforms to improve food safety management will take effect from October 1.

Third-party online supermarkets must take responsibility for poor-quality food products sold by stores registered on their platforms, according to the new rules formulated by the China Food and Drug Administration.

Online platforms must establish a sound system to check vendors qualifications and the quality of their products, and suspend operation of violating stores in a timely manner, the rule said.

Staff of the administration will make purchases on the platforms and then test the food to check standards are being met, it said.

In other changes, Chinese investigators in criminal cases will now be able to retrieve and freeze electronic data as evidence, as part of new regulations

The regulation allows courts, procuratorates and police authorities to retrieve electronic data, such as those posted on websites, social networks and popular communication apps, from individuals and organizations implicated in criminal cases.

Several other rules come into force on October 1, including one requiring professional test for drivers providing on-demand mobility services, and one streamlining procedures for registering a new company.

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