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Tesla CEO to discuss cooperation with Sinopec

By DU JUAN ( Updated: 2014-04-15 17:29

Tesla CEO to discuss cooperation with Sinopec

Tesla Motor Inc's chief executive Elon Musk will meet with China's largest refiner Sinopec Group to discuss possible cooperation on building charging units during his visit to the country next week, the Chinese refiner said on Tuesday.

An insider with Sinopec confirmed Musk's visit with Sinopec to China Daily on Tuesday, saying a senior level official with Sinopec will meet with Musk next week to discuss building charging units at Sinopec's nationwide service-station network.

The source said no details have yet been confirmed.

Sinopec announced in February that it will open 30 percent of its oil products sales business, including more than 30,000 gas stations, to private and social capital, as part of a restructuring reform.

On March 18, Sinopec Group set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Sinopec EasyJoy Sales Co, up in Beijing to focus on non-oil retailing businesses and auto services.

Previously, Musk has said that China has the potential to become the biggest market for Tesla, with sales that could match US sales by next year.

Tesla has confirmed it will deliver its first car to a Chinese customer next week.

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