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KFC supplier used excessive additives in chicken feed

[2012-12-21 01:17]

Excessive amounts of antibiotics were found in eight batches of raw chicken samples from KFC supplier Shandong Liuhe Group from 2010 to 2011.
Investigate into KFC supplier
Shanghai checks KFC chicken

KFC supplier chicken farms under investigation

[2012-12-20 00:56]

The Shandong provincial government is investigating chicken farms supplying KFC, on accusations of illegal use of antibiotics and hormones.

Check: Shanghai food watchdog checks KFC chicken
Sales: Tainted chicken scare hits Yum China sales

Shanghai food watchdog checks KFC chicken samples

[2012-12-19 16:27]

Shanghai's municipal food safety administration is testing samples of raw chicken supplied to KFC over concerns about excessive antibiotics.

China diners say more than economy hurting KFC

[2012-12-06 13:29]

A slowdown in China's economy is not the only strain on Kentucky Fried Chicken's business in the country, where competition is getting tougher.

Suhai chicken sent to KFC passes standard

[2012-12-05 21:06]

Chicken meat samples sent by a Chinese supplier to US fast-food chain KFC meet the national standard after testing, local authorities said.

Food safety on the menu

[2012-11-05 09:55]

Food safety has become a controversial issue in China, both for consumers and food makers. Food companies in China and abroad have stepped up their efforts to guarantee quality, especially with regard to identifying its source.

Service complaints leave a bad taste

[2012-11-02 08:50]

Consumers more aware of their rights but overreaction can also be a problem.

KFC vows to pursue expansion in smaller markets

[2012-09-27 09:58]

KFC Corp, the largest foreign fast-food chain in China, said it will accelerate its expansion in smaller cities despite the global economic slowdown.

Yum! opens 300th KFC restaurant in Beijing

[2012-08-22 09:30]

Yum! Brands Inc has opened its 300th Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Beijing, 25 years after entering the Chinese mainland market.

East Dawning shuts airport store in Beijing

[2012-08-15 11:15]

Yum Brands Inc has closed one of its East Dawning restaurants in Beijing.

McDonald's recruiting for major expansion

[2012-05-21 14:14]

McDonald's started its biggest ever recruitment plan in China on Sunday, hoping to meet its ambitious expansion goals in company's third-largest market

Prices up 1 yuan at McDonald's

[2012-05-16 10:30]

McDonald's Corp has raised the prices of some set menu items for the second time this year in China to offset higher operating costs.

Yum to open restaurants in Suning outlets

[2012-05-10 09:35]

The fast-food giant Yum! will open KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants inside stores operated by one of the largest electrical appliance retailers in China.

KFC serves up a recipe for successful investment

[2012-04-09 10:31]

Fiona Yao, a 32-year-old accountant, passed up a bowl of steaming noodle soup in favor of spicy chicken wings and a burger for lunch from a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in a Shanghai shopping mall.

McDonald's apologizes for wrongdoings

[2012-03-16 15:13]

McDonald's China made an apology through its official micro blog only about one hour after China Central Television (CCTV) exposed illegal operations in one of its Beijing branches on Thursday night.

Milk price hikes leave many feeling sour

[2012-03-02 09:01]

Many Shanghai consumers have become used to seeing frequent increases in food and beverage prices.

KFC's 'handsome deliveryman'

[2012-02-07 10:49]

Branches of KFC in China denied the so-called "handsome delivery boy service" widely discussed on the Internet.

Local firms vie for Yum's slice of China market

[2012-02-06 11:14]

The US giant is facing a plethora of Chinese and Asian eatery chains that are steadily munching away at its market share.

Consumers chew on food producers flaws

[2011-08-31 10:55]

Food-safety rumors have a butterfly effect in China's cyberspace, and when it comes to international fast food giants in recent days, the effect seems to be magnified.

Multinational firms' tricks

[2011-08-29 17:03]

Standards for customer relations in China seem to be lower when compared to western developed countries.

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